Sales, Trading and

Product Control

Our breadth and depth of experience can deliver measureable improvements across product control processes, systems and sales and trading operations.

Product Control


  • Perform product control and process assessments.
  • Improve daily P&L reporting processes.
  • Develop KPI driven reporting and performance measurement dash-boarding.
  • Asses cost allocation and funding models to ensure process efficiency.

Product Control


  • Define, develop and implement control frameworks.
  • Perform tactical spreadsheet remediation and consolidation activities.
  • Conduct system and process integration with Risk, Compliance, Finance and Regulatory Reporting.
  • Develop automated FOBO reconciliation approaches.

Sales & Trading


  • Develop real-time trade entry compliance checks.
  • Enhance trading activity reporting in line with capital and liquidity requirements.
  • Assist with and perform trading system implementations.
  • Ensure on-shore and off-shore fund compliance where applicable.