Sionic Advisors is a unique, dynamic and globally expanding firm, delivering measurable value to institutional clients within the financial services industry.

Focusing on change, we assist organisations with control and governance, operations, risk management, finance processing or technology integration - to achieve best in class definition and execution across a number of practice areas.

We constantly seek people to join us, and new partnerships to achieve broader horizons - and we strongly encourage you to contact us.

About Sionic

Learn more about Sionic, our work, our capability, and how we can bring value to what needs to be done — from both tactical and strategic perspectives, and across a broad range of financial service disciplines.

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Taking on the heavy lifting with regulatory control

A new approach is providing intelligent 'regulation-to-control' transparency, control evidencing and change management — creating a singular source to serve both internal operational and external regulatory facing needs.

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Anticipate financial crime and know your customer

Regulatory demand continues to accelerate, driving the need for an optimally calibrated infrastructure to detect financial crime, combat money laundering and customer compliance throughout their entire lifecycle.

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Successful transformation and change

Achieve measurable benefit-led transformation and change success across finance and operations, encompassing data, process, accounting, technology and target operating model definition.

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